FAST Team at California Polytechnic State University

TDSS and APOGEE Cross Correlated Catalog

Team Faculty: Louise Edwards, California Polytechnic State University
Team Mentor: Kevin Bundy, UCO Lick, UC Santa Cruz
Team Students: Jacqueline Fraga, Jonathan Hernandez, Priscilla Holguin West
Survey: MaNGA

Project Details

Cal Poly State is working to
(1) Map the chemical composition of Brightest Cluster Galaxies (BCGs) at various epochs using MaNGA IFU spectra in order to elucidate their formation timescale.
(2) The team uses stellar population synthesis to determine the composition of BCGs through the galaxies, past 1 effective radius, and from redshifts z~0.15 to the present.
(3) The team makes use of SDSS boss, e‐boss and legacy surveys photometry and spectra to study the number and nature of close companion galaxies to the BCGn